This election year was a doozy, and it’s certainly not over once a president is inaugurated. Especially this year as the current president ran on a lot of campaign promises that make a majority of people feel uncomfortable and unsafe. When the president is determined to show favoritism in the media and call a lot of legitimate news sources, fake news. Then it is up to us as a public to fight our way through the detail oriented weeds to understand what is actually going on in the country we call our home.

I will post on a variety of topics such as healthcare, women’s issues, immigration, trade, protest and resistance. If there is a topic making headlines in this “post-truth” era, then I hope to tackle it.

As I have spent my entire life debating the ins and outs of governmental policy decisions, I understand how executive orders, congressional outreach, and governmental policy affects me. I am writing from the perspective of a debater who has worked to understand these issues. But this election cycle and its harmful rhetoric isn’t just about me, it is about how it impacts all of us. I hope to help bring understanding over current events and their impacts in every post, as well as to give people options so they can fight back against injustice. News media presents their perspective to an audience but they don’t tell us what it all means and what we can do, I aim to change the way we consume information. We have been warned, we must now resist and persist. 374747f6c65361298478f55416d09e1f